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第一屆科技藝術國際學術研討會圓滿成功 , 感謝各界熱情參與


“The 1st. International Symposium on Art & Technology”was successfully held on 10th~11th January 2015 ,We thank all the participants at The ISAT2015. Please refer to the photos of the activities and the accomplishment of the symposium as below:

更多活動照片請連結至 ISAT2015 Flicker


Refering to the more photos, Please link to the ISAT2015 Flicker


論文發表:邀請發表論文13篇,徵稿論文9 篇,合計22篇。

22 papers were presented at the ISAT2015, contains 13 papers of invited speakers and 9 papers of contributors.

論文集印刷:收錄22篇 ,精美內頁彩色印刷208頁,ISBN編號978-986-91502-0-0  , 發行共計500本。

The 22 papers were printed into 500 conference proceedings with 208 color printed pages and issued to the ISBN NO.978-986-91502-0-0.論文集正背面

與會人士共計:262人次,包含致詞嘉賓、主持人、發表講者、引言人、參展藝術家及單位等兩天:62位、網路報名人士:78位、現場報名人士:93位、 工作人員:15位、1/10實際簽到124人次、1/11實際簽到105人次、兩天合計簽到229人次、工作人員兩天合計26人次、學會及台北數位藝術中心人員合計7人次,與會總共人士262人次

A total of 262 attendees participated in the symposium within 2 days, including VIP Greetings,Moderators,Keynote Speakers,speakers,panelists,artists,exhibitors ,internet applicants,on site applicants,staffs…etc.


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Welcom on board ISAT 2015 The 1st International Symposium on Art & Technology, please find the latest program on the page of Timetabe